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Why Blue Energy needs trading

Fossil fuel is traded as commodity in global market. Is there anything you can do with the energy you consume everyday?

While writing this webpage, ABC television aired Dick Smith's own documentary production - Ten Bucks a Liter. In this show, Mr. Smith made no discussion on engine efficiency. He failed to see the most important "attributes" that differentiate fossil energy and renewable energy. Without such in depth of understanding, the world could eventually face the reality that petrol price will be sold at (or more than) $10/L. It will happen if we don't address many important issues, such as, heat engine efficiency.


It is quite obvious that our energy cost is a balance of supply and demand. With human population growth, especially with the emerging new economy powerhouses such as China and India, the world will consume more energy. At global scale, poor engine efficiency issue is a critical factor that magnifies energy demand.

Why we need liquid fuel for cars, aircraft and ships? The question itself needs various angles of observations. We think, any of three transport technologies can be powered by solid fuel, if the right heat engines are used. But don't get confused with rocket engine. We think rocket engine is even worse when it comes to energy efficiency. Check out rocket engine efficiency web blog.

  1. Does a car really need that much energy to travel a certain distance? (Assuming that the road test is in a standard road track) In fact, a typical passenger sedan, while traveling on a highway at 50 km/h without frequent stop/start, a liter of petrol would have enough energy to allow this car travel maximum 100 km. But the reality is, you will get somewhere in between 10 to 20 km/L. Why so? The engine is very inefficient. Here is the first reason why $10/L isn't going to happen if we manage to improve engine efficiency significantly. Improved energy efficiency means decreased demand for fuel. When demand is down, so will be the price of the product. Also, Mr. Smith's beloved helicopter is another example that bad engine efficiency will cause waste. In our blog, we have discussion on "anti-gravity" using engine and energy in fuel, which we prove that anti-gravity consumes far less fuel each second under certain conditions. Helicopter is a very bad/inefficient design. Based on this observation, we can design VTOL aircraft that is superbly efficient than helicopter. We here use VTOL as general term. Flying efficient VTOL can be a good way to save the world a lot of energy. Bear in mind human population growth create highly congested urban living. We spend a lot on transport system each year. But that doesn't make commuters spending less time each day to go to work and come back home. When we have transport solution based on VTOL, we are in the future. VTOL can help the world to find a lot of free fuel. To understand why, you need to read our blogs relating fuel harvesting. Blue Energy is the era of flying cars. VTOL is not just for super rich people. Of course, the catch is, Mr. Smith's helicopter, fixed wing aircraft, along with all the other aircraft must be replaced by far more energy efficient aviation innovations, all the "flying cars" will be VTOL. How Blue Energy manages the breakthrough? You need to understand the science by following Blue Energy footpaths of R&D. At the end of Ten Bucks a Liter, Mr. Smith, while enjoying a cup of tea outside a bush land house, declared that " think we can have it all - cheap energy, clean energy and our current energy-hungry lifestyles. We have to be realistic. The days of cheap energy are over". What you can see is quite irony: at the back of Dick Smith, is the dense gum tree: free and clean energy. What is the easy way to move dry solid fuel out of dense and not so easy to access forest? It is VTOL.
  2. What if we abandon Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and replace External Combustion Engine (ECE). Engines in cars, ships aircraft all consume liquid fuel. Most electricity original fuel is coal, which is solid fuel. What if we change car engine using solid fuel? This will requires modification of internal combustion into external combustion. In his show, Mr. Smith made a lot of on-site interview, for example, farm, CSG wells, coal mine. We can clearly see many of the site are full of vegetation, for example, bush land, farmland, grass, etc. In fact, the world reproduces more fuel in the form of solid hydrocarbon, which can be burned to release energy. Our vision for a sustainable energy future IS COMPLETELY BLINDED FOLDED by internal combustion engine. One company in Ten Bucks a Liter is trying to produce "Bio Fuel". Would it be easier to make the engine external combustion? When you reduce fuel production cost, you will make it commercially competitive. To make small, powerful and efficient ECE will broaden our choice of fuel sources. Many people trying to fight off CSG mining business don't know that they are more powerful than the CSG and other fossil energy business if we have such engine.
  3. How clean is solid fuel before and after combustion? This is another advantage to challenge fossil energy. As a matter of fact, all fossil fuel is dirty in its original form. Fossil fuel is a general term for buried combustible geologic deposits of organic materials, formed from decayed plants and animals that have been converted to crude oil, coal, natural gas, or heavy oils by exposure to heat and pressure in the earth's crust over hundreds of millions of years. During millions of years of transformation, other none organic mineral compositions are mixed with organic compounds that is harmful if released into atmosphere. In order to purify the fuel, there will be procedure to separate fuel into different type of products, for example, crude oil must go through refinery to make petrol, diesel, etc. The final residual will be used by shipping, which is the most harmful pollution. Coal fire power plants must have filtration of dust and sulfur capturing before release the rest into atmosphere. Some pilot programs are working on carbon capture storage (CCS), which have proved to be ineffective due to extra high energy cost adding extra burden to the electricity cost. BETE can liquefy gaseous emission on the spot using the engine power. The energy used is proportional to energy density of the fuel plus engine efficiency. Our goal is to utilize captured CO2 for energy storage. So it is not unrealistic to say everything can depends on ECE, including aviation.

Trading with real fuel

Mining of fossil energy is a cherry picking business. Those high quality and easy access fossil energy deposits are the first to attract investment, and it is harder to find such deposit now. For renewable fuel sources, in order to make it commercially competitive, first of all, energy users must be self sustained, i.e., to utilize whatever fuel you have for your own consumption. We are throwing away energy as waste everyday. There are people living in environment which allows them to harvest more than they need. For example, farmers, who can supply farming byproducts to other energy users. People can take very opportunity to collect fuel from the environment. Trading with real fuel among energy users provides the platform of truly transparent and mutual benefit of clean and renewable energy source. It is possible now with so many digital gadgets and internet connection at our disposal. In global scale, harvesting fuel like this requires mass participation of labor force, which gives people without skill, living with low income a fair share of energy network. This is a human process to purposely "enrich" fuel deposit manually like rich deposit of fossil energy done by the nature, which takes millions of years. Because fuel collection is not like mining fossil energy from a rich deposit location, transportation of fuel requires heavy payload of efficient VTOL vessels range from hundreds of tons to ten of thousands of tons. NO different from what you see in Ten Bucks a Liter that fossil energy being moved from mining sites to various destinations. Blue Energy is confident to make this type of VTOL. Any land based transport system such as road, railway to deliver this type of fuel, similar to coal, will be grossly inefficient and not competitive.

Harvest dry mass fuel from parkland or forest is a fuel reduction solution to prevent unavoidable fire hazard. Because these type of fuel is renewable energy, it will be emission neutral when consumed.

There are billions of people can do the job, no matter a highly paid, highly educated person in the developed world, or on contrary a person in poor country, they can all make contribution to such decentralized energy network.

Investment that is associated with energy consumption

Improving old energy network also creates investment into new energy network. For example, one energy efficiency solution for electricity network is to decentralize power grid, with local network of crowd generators. Car manufacturers can build passenger vehicles with the potential function to use car engines and the generators to supply electricity they are not used for transport. This solution can avoid over investment in power grid, which is expensive and highly inflexible. Car engines will help to store CO2, which can be used by renewable energy network to store energy. When you buy a new car, the price can have a levy of investment in this network. As a reward, car owner receives share of free fuel according to the investment.

Blue Energy thinks people can enjoy neutral emission, good quality of lifestyle with low cost. There are many ways to achieve that. For example, future advanced 3D transport system based on Blue Energy "flying cars" innovation is a network of social sharing business model. Future "flying cars" network requires every flying vehicle stays autopilot within a precision 3D corridors where collision is impossible. There is no passenger intervention or control during each trip. Safety, 24/7 on call, door to door as requested will make it like a limousine service. In fact, there is no need to own a flying car. Blue Energy network includes this type of one seat flying cars as part of membership transport system.
Of course, rich people can still have their own flying cars, nonetheless. Normal cars may still have its market, due to aviophobia. Likewise, trains, subways, buses, ferries will still be part of future transport on Earth. (Definitely not on Martian colonies, fly only) To buy a normal car, or be a member of flying car club, the price you pay is must include energy, which can be offset by the energy you have in the system. Your investment goes to energy network focusing carbon neutral. Flying vehicles that everyone share can avoid resources waste, under utilizing, over-production, high personal cost, and timetable etc.

Carbon dioxide in the Blue Energy System

BETE has a special way to store Carbon dioxide - cryogenic condensation using part of fuel energy it consumed. Carbon sequestration only once is a passive way to reduce global emission problem. Blue Energy innovation is to actively harvest, store and consume energy, which requires high energy density fuel being produces by the system. In order to store energy by the system, carbon dioxide is the essential medium.

Conventional energy business can take the challenge and shift from fossil energy to renewable too. It is well known that carbon dioxide can have reaction with Hydrogen to create methane. Investment in wind, solar, hydro etc., can be part of solutions to produce Hydrogen gas, mainly through water electrolysis. We understand this is not a very efficient way to produce Hydrogen. But many research have indicate that the "inefficiency" is due to heat lost and gas compression. With BETE, that will be easy problem to fix.

Entropy and Enthalpy tokens

Blue Energy Australia Public Coin Offer (PCO) is the first step to build a global energy trading network that is based on heat engine innovation. In this PCO, one Entropy tokens and 6 Enthalpy tokens are offered to investors. These tokens will be used by energy trading platform managed by Blue Energy Australia. The trading system offer fuel for BETE. BETE is an External Combustion Engine. ENTROPY and ENTHALPY carry the information for global and decentralized energy trading platform through token value management.

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