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Heat engines have been the pillars of modern civilization since the inception of steam engine. Heat engines will power our future for the eternity. Blue Energy Australia NSW (BEAN) has a goal to make them better and very efficient. We will achieve these goals. Join us and make a better future.



Offline Investment Claim


If you have made offline cash investment, please fill in the correct information to claim your investment. If the information is matched by our system, we will allocate your tokens accordingly



How can I buy BEAN tokens??

You can exchange BEAN's tokens with your Bitcoin and/or Ether. You can also purchase tokens with fiat currencies at fixed price. There are a few cash payment options accepted by this PCO.

If you want to exchange BEAN's tokens with BCT or Ether, you can fill in online form first. BEAN will inform you whether your investment is accepted. If BEAN accepts your investment, you can send BCT or Ether to BEAN's wallet. Once BEAN firms your investment, you will provide an ERC20 wallet such MEW, ProWallet or Eidoo address, to which your tokens will be sent.

Cash investors must first fill in the application form and then send the form to BEAN online or by mail. You need to provide a return postage paid envelope if you don't have email account to receive notice from BEAN. If your application is accepted, you will receive conformation email or letter from BEAN with instruction on payment detail. You can use bank transfer to finalize the payment. Payment in Bank cheque is acceptable for Australian investors. You will then submit the receipt to BEAN either by email or normal post mail. After the payment is verified, BEAN will ask you to provide your ERC20 wallet address, to which the tokens will be sent. You must buy 50,000 or more Entropy tokens. If tokens purchased is less than this quantity, BEAN will issue a certificate to you and hold your tokens in a trustee account. You might also pay distribution fee to received your tokens even if your holding is less than 50,000 Entropy tokens.

What are the reserved tokens kept by Blue Energy Australia?

Entropy tokens sold to investors in BEAN's PCO are accompanied with free Enthalpy tokens. Every investor should read our White Paper for detail regarding how the Enthalpy tokens are allocated to PCO investors. Total Entropy tokens sold to investors in this PCO are capped at 700,000,000. The reserved tokens are the liquidity asset for future energy market trading. All these tokens will be insulated by one wallet. BEAN will use its engine production loyalty payment to buy back Entropy tokens on a regular basis. BEAN will also "park" future asset in Enthalpy tokens, if the Entropy tokens buy back scheme is unable to achieve fair value. Our price limit to buy back Entropy tokens is not to pay more than US$10.00 per token in the exchange markets.

When tokens owners participating energy trading, it is free to use energy trading platform. Their trading ranking is decided by Enthalpy multiply and density. Reserved tokens will have bottom ranking in the trading system. Investors can lend the tokens to business or individual who needs better ranking in the energy trading. This will generate income for token investors.

Investors can also sell their tokens in the exchanges which BEAN’s tokens are listed. Tokens can also be exchanged peer to peer between investors. The reserved tokens are insulated unless it is used as reward for energy game players. For more information, please read the whitepaper.

Who can invest in BEAN’s tokens?

This PCO accept investment from people in many countries except P.R. China, S Korea and any country that have banned crypto currency ICO.

What is the minimum to invest BEAN’s PCO?

If you want to receive Entropy and Enthalpy tokens, your pledge to buy/exchange BEAN’s tokens must be equal or bigger than 50,000 Entropy tokens.

When the investment is made in fiat currency, the exchange ratio will reflect the investment is at the value of US$500 if you want to receive Entropy and Enthalpy tokens.

To exchange Bitcoin and/or Ethereum, the ratio of exchange is fixed at 70,000 BEAN’s token to ONE Ethereum, or 1,500,000 BEAN’s token to ONE Bitcoin. This ratio might be subject to change if the Bitcoin or Ethereum market value move dramatically.

For people who don't wish to hold their tokens in their private wallet, the minimum investment is 5 cents. A certificate will be issued by electronic method. Your tokens will be hold by BEAN in a trustee wallet.

Australian citizens and permanent residents who invests in cash, bank transfer or online payment can invest in this PCO with Australian Dollar at the 1:1 exchange value against US dollar.

Will I receive company shares if I invest in BEAN’s tokens?

No. PCO is not IPO. Your investment has highly risk, of which you should read our Whitepaper for the detail. You should also seek expert's advice if you are not familiar with crypto currency investment.

What is the maximum tokens I can buy in this PCO?

If an investor wishes to take the whole lot, and he is the first in the application process, BEAN is happy to offer the 10%, which is the total available investment as private tokens. BEAN is also looking for strategic investors, such as car makers, aviation and space exploration, energy companies, sovereign fund, influential angel and VC investors.

When can I buy/exchange BEAN's tokens?

It is 1st of January, 2018.

BEAN will list some Entropy tokens in for the investors who have enough experience in token tradings. There is no minimum quantities how many Entropy tokens investors can exchange in etherdelta. But to receive free Enthalpy tokens after exchange Entropy tokens in etherdelta, investors will still need to supply investment evident in order to receive Enthalpy tokens. If the Entropy tokens bought in etherdelta is less than 50,000, investors need to send ether to BEAN to cover the cost. We set the gas price at 50 Gwei, and gas number at 35,000 for each Enthalpy. For example, if an investors bought 3,000 Entropy tokens, he will receive 3 silver Enthalpy, 30 bronze Enthalpy and 3,000 Nickel Enthalpy.

For other investment methods, such as using online application forms, which is explained in FAQ 1, investment can be done based on first in first serve basis.

We will use a graphic chart module to show our PCO progress in this website.

Do I get bonus if I introduce people participating this PCO?


BEAN will pay ENTROPY tokens to investors who introduce other investors into this PCO. The reward is 20% of the investment BEAN receives. The reward will be in ENTROPY tokens only.

To participate the referral program, you need to be a PCO investor, and use your unique user ID as program identifier.

How can I support your project with none crypto fund?

First of all, thank you very much for your generosity.

We can accept bank cash deposit or transfer. We have a Commonwealth Bank Australia business account for people to directly transfer money, or over the counter deposit.

The CBA account is: Blue Energy Australia

BSB: 062 309 Account Number: 1022 6766

PayPal is another payment system we accept small amount of support from Australia and International donors.


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