With innovations, our world is changing. Energy efficiency is the key to make space travel something for everyone. Blue Energy Australia has the answers to provide simple, cheap, fast (very, very fast) space travel technology. If you understand what the Blue Energy innovation is, and want to be the community to create a better future, please feel free to complete the form below to sign up Blue Energy Australia space programs.

We need people who are qualified for anything that future space travel might need. Life in space, on the colonies on the Moon and the Mars, or any further deeper in the space should be similar to the life on Earth. No skill is redundant or less important. You never know how quick things can change and coming. Don't forget, 20 years ago, a mobile phone could only do one thing, that was making a call. Today, we can not live without one. We now call it smart phone.

If we prove our technology, i.e., a manned Mars mission in no more than 3 days, that means many things.

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Blue Energy Australia has been working on better solutions on energy efficiency since 2009. Our innovations in engine designs are the essential gateway for global energy efficiency improvement Read more

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