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What is SoBEIT?

SoBEIT is the acronym of Society of Blue Energy Investment Trust.

What is the purpose of SoBEIT?

SoBEIT is not just about investment, the real purpose of this organization is to form a global decentralized body for people who wish to live the way Blue Energy innovation and spirit promote, which is: efficient, share and affordable. It is our view that living sustainably requires more than technologies change, it needs culture change. 

For example, BETE can be a powerful engine not just saving you a lot of energy and reducing emission, we can redesign transport infrastructure so that people will not have to own a car, once our VTOL technology become part of 3D transport system. Renewable and clean energy can be found everywhere, which don't simply depend one fancy energy projects like huge wing farms, solar thermal power stations etc., to make the world run by clean and renewable energy. Mother nature does great job to harvest solar energy and covert that energy into dry mass fuel. All we need to do is to collect the fuel for engines such as BETE. We can mobilize global "labour" force, be a highly educated, or completely illiterate to do the energy collection work. No matter you are a well paid CEO, lawyer, young or old in first world developed country, or someone living in third world, living on less than one dollar a day, SoBEIT make everyone equal in energy harvesting. Instead to make those "lucky" minority profiteering from fossil energy business, we want to make SoBEIT the alternative energy platform for anyone who wish to engage energy business. This platform makes 5 years, or three years old child, or a farmer in third world country, doing the same role similar to a adult working in oil rig, or in a open cut coal mine. Fuel collection shouldn't be that big deal. Everyone can do it. We have to take the effort to be part of Blue Energy system to make sure we collect energy.  This is what we believe in Blue Energy, you can help the world to make clean and renewable energy cheap and easy to access. SoBEIT will help the system to provide quick and reliable service, which is fair and simple. We also want to design energy system that people can actively invest. The future Blue Energy infrastructure is about engaging and interacting by the members. Blue Energy network and SoBEIT members are: 

  • For ANYONE
  • Don't have to pay for energy in order to access energy
  • You can sell your own energy at market parcel
  • E-commerce network to convert your energy into cash
  • Access to infrastructure of Blue Energy network
  • Investment of Blue Energy network 
  • Moving to Neutral Emission ASAP
  • Community-based portals
  • End waste, promote simply living, fair share and equal opportunity
  • Aiming for expansion of human habitat beyond Earth envrionment
  • Less impact to Earth eco system due to our energy and infrastruture demand

Terms and Conditions for SoBEIT

we have terms and conditions for SoBEIT. You can download the document here.

If you love Blue Energy innovation and initiative, the best way to make it happen so is to become SoBEIT permenant member. Please download our membership form here.

SoBEIT membership has permanent number assigned to each member. We are working on the subject along with technology development.

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