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We live in a finite world. Our civilization is extremely dependent on fossil energy. In many people's mind energy comes from coal, crude oil, natural gas etc., of which we refer them as fossil energy. Without fossil energy, everything we take for granted will not function. Mining of fossil energy is mostly done by big business. You need skill to find job in the mining business. There is huge capital investment in energy business around the world.

Huge amount of fossil fuel is consumed by heat engines. Burning fossil fuel will release heat energy, which will be further transformed into other forms of energy. The engines we are using currently are not very efficient, which results in high energy waste. Because of such high level of fossil fuel consumption, it will have net increase of CO2 in our planetary atmosphere. The green house effect has the potential global temperature raise in the long term trajectory, which is the climate change theory developed in the scientific domain and accepted by the public. It is important for us to find alternative fuel sources to replace fossil fuel as soon as possible.

The ever increasing demand of fossil fuel inflates its price. Running fossil fuel business can be lucrative. What about those working for the mining companies? Well, it depends on where he/she works. In a developed country where coal mining practice involves highly advanced technologies that lead to superior productivity, as well as proper labor laws protections for workers are enforced, the income of a coal miner, for example, will be much higher than a similar worker in a developing country. For example, in China, coal is accounted for no less than 70 percent of its entire energy consumption for the past fifty years. Most of coal mines in China are underground. Although state owned large mines have better technologies and safeguard for the operation, small and privately owned mines are poorly managed business in terms of safety. As a result, workers employed by those mines are exposed to high risk of mining incidents. Since 1949, coal mining accidents in China have claimed more than 250,000 lives [source: Coal Mining Safety: China's Achilles' Heel, China Security Vol 3 No 2 Spring 2007].

Moreover some miners receive a minimum wage. In 2005, in some collieries in north-west China, mine workers allegedly received only 155 USD per year, which is very little to live a secure life [source: Coal Mining Safety: China's Achilles' Heel, China Security Vol 3 No 2 Spring 2007]. Besides mining without advanced technologies is an extremely difficult and tiresome work. It takes a toll on the health of the workers.

One reason why these workers don't have better technologies and safety protection is simple: cost saving. But that doesn't mean the fuel you buy for your cars, electricity consumed by your family will be cheap. Fossil fuel as none renewable means once used, there is less available. Fossil fuel business is about profit. Mining companies are interested in easy job. Once the easy deposits are mined, they have to find hard to extract fossil energy, which cost more for energy companies and potential bigger environmental damage. On the other hand, worldwide demand is going up in the long term trend. It is a perfect scenario of price hike, which is also proved by the market price action. We have seen a clear correlation in between global economy growth prospect and fossil energy price hike, plus geopolitical influence on energy price, which might be caused by warfare, or manipulation of fuel production, for example, by oil production organization such as OPEC. Energy users are caught in between. Such problem is also magnified by highly inefficient engines around the world.

Fossil energy formation is a very long-term process. It takes millions of years for fossilization process to complete. In reality, it will never end until our Sun and Earth stop such ecosystem natural phenomenon, i.e., the process of solar energy storage. Energy is the very basic element in every star system. What makes planet Earth so special is that part of solar energy will be stored in the chemical bond of hydrogen and carbon. Without any question, fossilized hydrocarbon material is an ongoing process on planet Earth, just like photosynthesis takes place whenever sunlight hits Earth. According to Global Energy Flux, Reservoirs and Destructions flowchart published by Global climate and Energy Project at Stanford University, about 0.0779% of solar energy is used for photosynthesis. The available fossil energy deposits, coal, crude oil and gas, have been used in the past are: 1.33%, 4.55% and 6.4% respectively. Alternative resource of energy which also categorized as clean and renewable, has far more potential in real quantity. It's time for us to think how to utilize renewable energy without the high cost. One simple way to fix the issue is to reduce energy waste by using engine such as BETE, the engine Blue Energy Australia is designing, of which it can use dry mass energy source as fuel.

Trying to collect dry mass fuel is not the job for conventional energy business because fuel can be widely spread that can't be done with machinery. This is a perfect job for low income people around the world. From Africa to Asia, from forest to grassland, many people would be living on less than 1 US dollars a day, or even less. We can use coal spot price to put that into potential work load on a labour of underprivileged, which is about 200 kgs of dry mass. To collect fuel for cooking purpose in third world countries is daily routine of a housewife, or her children. Cooking with dry mass is highly inefficient and harmful to the family members, let alone the smog emission for the environment.

So the benefit to spread the mining business into bigger participation could have following benefit:

  1. It will help mitigate carbon emission due to the energy stored in the fuel is carbon neutral.
  2. It will take a share of the wealth in energy revenue. People without much skill can claim income from the large corporate control business, even if the individual is less or no skill labours.
  3. The income flows into these people can be a potential offset to supply them with electricity that is in the village with their own fuel source for lighting and better cooking practice.

Blue Energy is not just innovation in technology, it is also about planning a secure and sustainable future. When we replace fossil energy with clean and renewable energy, we can focus on fair sharing of wealth at equal level field. By giving anyone in this world the chance of harvesting clean energy resources, we can ensure that energy is not in the hand of "lucky" and "powerful" minority or corporations. If you are living on less than $1 a day, you will be happy to make extra dollars each day by harvesting free energy near you. If you can find free energy for your own usage when profit is not considered, you will not feel hesitate to collect fuel in the bush or forest whenever you have the opportunity. By doing so, we also take the fuel away from the environment and reduce fire threat.

Finding clean energy resources (i.e. dry mass) and collecting fuel don't need special skill. Anyone can get involved, even for a three year old child. We can use the huge portion of unemployed, underprivileged, and unskilled population of the world and turn them into clean energy harvesters. Our plan is to create a system where anyone can find the resources and trade the resources easily. This can be facilitated by using digital technologies and the internet. We will set up a decentralized membership based global body to help the energy harvesters to collect and trade their harvests. In this way we can get hundreds millions of people involved in the energy resource harvesting process which will ensure the collection of ample amount of clean energy resources. On the other hand, this process will ensure that billions of people in the world who earn less than 1 dollars a day get a better living.

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