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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 00:00

Flying car

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Blue Energy advanced transport solutions for 21st century and beyond must incorporate 3D system, which will fundamentally change the direction of human civilization. Traffic jams in the peak hours, even in off-peak period has become a global problem. No matter how much money invested in conventional transport infrastructure, the demand for something better is a never ever dream for many people who must put up with the time wasted in slow traffic. To live in a affordable place means you must live far away from everything, or you have to compromise for expensive housing, or comfort.

This is a simply fact: since industrial revolution, we have been developing urban housing towards high density system, either residential and commercial. To ensure safe and minimum standard of transit service in such environment, we provide high density public transport system such as buses, trains, subways etc., to satisfy mass flow in peak hours traffic flow. Nonetheless, there are many people choose to have private car due to various reasons. Car ownership is a culture, which becomes the reason of traffic jam in many cities around the world.

To have flying cars was the Sci-Fi fiction from early 20th century. Many so called flying car concepts fail to take off. The reality is: Flying car must be highly reliable in its performance. It has to be less intrusive to other road users. Noise, dangerous moving parts are not allowed in any flying cars. In order to be a "car" acceptable everywhere, it must be completely VTOL. According to our book, we believe the breakthrough is all about the performance of "anti-gravity" such transport tool must demonstrate. If a flying car can achieve more than one G of anti-gravity, then it will be able to take off and land vertically. This is the holy grail of aviation industry, which also called VTOL technology. Apart from air breathing engines powered jet crafts and helicopters, rocket engine powered missiles are also capable to achieve more than 1 G of anti-gravity. Anti-gravity by engine depends on energy consumption. It is a well known fact that anti-gravity cost a hell of more fuel than the effect of aerodynamic lift by fixed wings. So majority aircraft is built with fixed wings, runways and airports are the essential part of fast transport system. As we know, if VTOL can be like a helium balloon when it goes up or lands down, there is no need to have airport. Of course, we know the lighter than air transport technology was well tested technology, the airships, which is still used in limited applications. But it is simply too slow, too bulky and unsafe in bad weather.

Will flying cars save time, energy in the end? Our free book has quite simple investigation on anti-gravity energy consumption topic. Actually, how much is the minimum energy consumption rate all DEPENDs on a few assumptions. Very small energy is needed to create anti-gravity effect without considering atmospheric condition. We are designing a special class of engine for just that, anti-gravity by buoyancy, which also referred as Blue Energy Buoyancy Engine (BEBE). In stead of using natural buoyancy inside atmosphere, we use engine and energy to create far more intense buoyancy effect within a virtual gravity field created by BEBE. The virtual gravity field is so intense, it is similar to a black hole strength. How we do it? This is the secret we have to conceal at the moment.

We think that VTOL (or flying car if you wish to call it) must have power supply and propulsion (anti-gravity plus forward driver and mid-air break) handled separately. In our process, we did think about thrust. But eventually with the research into buoyancy solution, we suddenly found that thrust is just a special scenario of buoyancy. We are designing propulsion without thrust, which will be replaced with buoyancy instead. While lighter than air, anti-gravity by buoyancy has no much room to design a transport vehicle that is compact and streamline for fast journey, in our BEBE solution, we can create many breakthrough such as ultra efficient lift, silent, streamline body etc.. As a matter of fact, anti-gravity simulation can be the breakthrough in designing spaceship travel towards speed of light (SOL) technology, another interesting topic Blue Energy Australia is working on. We think we can do this without the help of exotic and unknown domains such as nuclear fusion or anti-matter. So please become our registered visitor in order to see why flying cars, SOL travel is not an dream for this generation of human beings.

Through unique approach of energy manipulation, Blue Energy Australia is at the magic moment solving the dream of 3D transport system. Using our highly versatile BETE and BEBE to create anti-gravity buoyancy for lift or forward propulsion, or backward break, we will make it a certainty of vertical taking off/landing aircraft within a few years. SOL exploration will also happen in a decade of time frame, if we can raise enough working capital

Flying cars must be built as an aircraft, which must be streamline shaped, light weight, well fitted with communication and alert system, have backup systems especially its engines. Though flying cars must function like a car. There is huge security threat if such cars are not restricted by traffic rules in the air. When it is airborne, it doesn't have the freedom like a real aircraft. The mid-air corridors provide virtual pathways to ensure every flying car is with the designated routes to prevent collision. The advantage is obvious. Every car has no traffic light, stop sign to interrupt its journey util it reaches its destination. In peak hours, system capacity can be virtually expanded to accommodate the demand. Due to security reason, this type of vehicle will not allow you open the window. Highly likely, because you don't have the sense to know "virtual" corridor at all, you have to put your trust to computer and GPS to control your flying car. So here is another feature of flying car: no one actually needs to learn to become a pilot/driver of a flying car. Highly likely, most flying cars will be public sharing. Each flying car only take one passenger. There is no blame games if anything naughty happens during the trip. If you are a regular offender as a passenger, guess what, you will be blacklisted and never enjoy the service. Flying cars will be a transport tool saturating business into many domains we think unrelated. For example, airline and parcel courier service, online shopping and fast food/takeaway delivery, airline and taxi/limousinebusiness etc., will be in fusion path. Flying cars might be also the waste transport vehicles. Here the waste could be combusted gases taken to energy harvesting site to store energy where energy and carbon dioxide will be utilized as fuel. By doing so, we can achieve carbon emission reduction but also minimize landfill issues. Possibly many other unknown opportunity of business and employment. So if you lost your jobs because of flying cars, many people will find new business and employment opportunities because of flying cars.

Completely unpiloted, auto-piloted, solo passenger, designated direct fly from point to point using VTOL, will be the pillar of Blue Energy from 21st century. With VTOL and advanced control of autopilot, it is now the time to convince people that flying daily for low cost, ultra safe control can be achieved. The flying craft can be a superior fast, safe and low cost urban and rural transport system to greatly enhance existing land and water transport system.

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