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200Kg coke for 1 Ton of steel
Description Of The Project

In primary steel making industry, each ton of steel production from iron ore consumes average 770 kg of coal. By comparison, About 150 kg of coal are required to produce 1 ton of steel in Electric Arc Furnaces (Data according to World Coal Association) Energy cost in primary steel making, as well as iron ore market price hike in recent years, cut deep into business profit bottomline of many steel companies. For example, Chinese steel industry, while total asset as in 2009 information shown 4.2 trillion Yuan (700 billion US dollars), the return on asset, in 2013 first half year, slump to merely 0.13%, according to ChaiJing. For every ton steel made, Chinese steel industry only managed 7 US cents of profit, according to XingHua. The environmental impact of steel industry is significant to the health of whole nation. To lower primary steel production energy consumption close to the EAF steel production level, the profit for the steel making business is significant. On the other hand, the reduced demand on coal will suppress coal price and reduce emission.

BETE is the catalyst in steel production innovation. Heat recycle will be the focal point to reduce energy consumption in this old and "matured" business.

This project, is an effort not just to find solution to close the gap of primary steel making energy consumption to match EAF level, we would also, if funding permits, to work on following area of interest relate to carbon cycle of energy storage and pollution reduction.

  • Small and efficient mobility of mining site iron ore refinery technology that can be integrated with mining operation. This breakthrough will add value to iron ore business for countries of iron ore production. Such solution will keep quite a lot of waste in the mining area, which also helps reducing transportation energy waste.
  • Locally capturing of gaseous emission in the refinery process using medium cycle to reduce energy waste
  • Integrated energy system with carbon dioxide recovered by business or individual energy users to create Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon as fuel and store energy 
  • Potential space environment mining refinery solutions, which allow asteroid with rich mineral deposit to be captured and mined

With potential energy saving, the target of of 200 Kg coal per ton of steel might be conservative. Zero coal steel making business is not a fantasy at all.

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