The Seven Sisters

The seven sister

We planned to generate one token for ICO. It is the ENTROPY token. Blue Energy wanted this token programmed with the feature of Fiat, which was changed to ENTHALPY. There are six categories of ENTHALPY tokens. In thermodynamic, entropy has many interpretations by the text books. A simple way we have found is to describe it as a measure of the energy that is not available for work during a thermodynamic process. You might also say, entropy is like a drop of ink falling into a tank of water. Depending on which subject you want to describe the event, either the ink makes the water undrinkable, or the water dilutes the ink unusable for printing. Enthalpy, according to Wikipedia, is a measurement of energy in a thermodynamic system. It is equal to the internal energy of the system plus the products of pressure and volume. To make a more layman's terms, Enthalpy needs two kind of energy: one to make the matter, and one to make the matter to expand in an environment. We couldn't build the Entropy token with Enthalpy features in it. The project was unsuccessful. After four weeks, the freelancer wanted more money even though he was unable to give us a feasible prototype. So the project is terminated.

When we looked for second team to resuscitate the token project, we find out that to build 6 Enthalpy tokens will work without the difficult programming in the smart contract. With the extra tokens, we can actually use tokens' value to deliver a lot of information. So we simply generated 7 tokens that are identical. All we need to know is the smart contract addresses belong to us. We have one Entropy token and six Enthalpy tokens. People buy Entropy tokens from us will receive Enthalpy tokens for free. The more you buy Entropy tokens, the more Enthalpy tokens you will get. Please read our White Paper for more information.

How Entropy and Enthalpy work

The concept is actually quite straightforward. But not so easy if we have to build a backend database with full node of server to compute the data on the blockchain, which includes 999 thousand trillion of memberships from one token. We plan to use at least two tokens for the basic information delivery over the blockchain. When the second token interact with the first one, the amount of information is mind boggling. We can use Entropy and Enthalpy to take care all the needs for energy trading. In the future, we might help people to buy movie tickets, bus and train tickets, pay bills, voting in a local and federal elections, money transfer, etc. But the main function for Entropy and Enthalpy is energy trading.

Value of Entropy and Enthalpy

Investors have to pay US$0.01 for one Entropy token. For each Entropy token an investor buys, we will give the investor one Nickle Enthalpy free. Below is the category of Enthalpy tokens.

Enthalpy name Entropy numbers Enthalpy received
Nickel 1 1
Bronze 100 1
Silver 1000 1
Gold 10000 1
Urainium 100000 1
Dark matter 1000000 1

What the table indicates is that you will definitely get free Nickel when you buy Entropy. But to get one free Bronze, you will have to buy at least 100 Entropy tokens, which costs an investor US$1.00. To receive one Dark matter token, you have to invest US$10,000 or equivalent value of Bitcoin or Ether.

Trading energy with Entropy and Enthalpy has been well described in our white paper. Please check the document in Chapter 5.0 for more information. Majority tokens will be kept by Blue Energy Australia for public liquidity in trading. These tokens will be insulated by a wallet. So far we have found a few wallets that can store both Entropy and Enthalpy tokens. MyEtherWallet is a client side wallet. It is a little difficult to manage if you are not familiar with such an ether wallet. One free ether wallet we found in Apple shop can easily add all the tokens to the account if users simply search entropy and enthalpy with the smart contract addresses. We are very pleased with the outcome. The wallet is called ProWallet. User can actually make their own crypto currency if they buy a paid ProWallet from the Apple Shop or Google Play.

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