Your electricity price can be 10 times profit markup by energy business For people living in Australia, when you pay your electricity bill, the profit markup is about 10 times when coal energy is converted into electricity energy. Steam turbines in the power station will lost nearly 70% of energy. 10% energy lost incurs during transmission. Even at such high energy lost, electricity companies has profit markup at 1000%.
  Human powered VTOL
What is the difference between the electric cars made in the late 19th century to early 20th century and the electric cars built in the 21st century? You might say the electric cars in the 21st century have far superior engineering designs and technologies that were not even invented in the 19th or/and 20th century. So we would better ask the question like: WHAT IS THE UNIQUE FEATURE OF ELECTRIC CARS BUILT IN THE 19TH, 20TH AND 21ST CENTURY. Well, the answer is very simple, they all need battery to store energy. Energy in battery will drive vehicles. Forget about self-driving, IoT, BlueTooth connectivities, GPS guiding display etc., because they are NOT the features only used by electric cars. What is our goal of Electric Vehicle 2.0? We want to put an engine in it. So it is like a hybrid vehicle. But unlike the normal hybrid vehicles we know, when the EV 2.0 is parked at the owner' garage, the car engine can keep on running to charge its battery, and also to supply electricity for the owner. It is one of many functions we want to make EV very attractive to buyers. Due to this feature, we want to call this type of EVs the EV2.0. Below are the other features BEST wants to achieve with EV2.0 project: EV2.0 has no CO2 emission caused by fossil fuel consumption. We will use the car engine to sequestrate the CO2 after fuel is burn. As a result, you will not see exhaust pipe in EV2.0 even though it does burn fuel. You don't have buy petrol. We will design an engine that allows EV2.0 owners harvesting FREE FUEL such as tree twigg, wood chips, etc., to power the engine. When you own an EV2.0 you can flip the bird to…
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