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"Pray if Armageddon is about to happen".

Yes, Pray, this was the advise from Charles Bolden, the NASA chief, who told lawmakers at an US House of Representatives Science Committee hearing on March, 19th, 2013 on the issue if a potential killer asteroid is about to impact our planet. Basically, in Mr. Bolden's view, so far human beings have no technology yet can stop such events from happening.

Asteroid impact by fannyhibbert-d6azhs2

This is NOT an advise we are happy to accept. In 21st century, human civilization can do more than just pray. At least, this is the view of Blue Energy Australia. To build a robust defense system against asteroid impact is part of Blue Energy plan. This website, while the main objective is to show the world how to prevent anthropogenic global warming with a highly energy efficient thermal engine, our NOT so long-term plan is to comprehensively change the way space exploration missions should be done. We hope, our endeavor will eventually help us to build this defense system ASAP. In order to avoid a short notice incoming asteroid impacting our planet, we must have brand new technologies in space launch and travel. The space ship on such mission must be super fast to intercept the asteroid, it must also have the capacity to quickly slow down before moving along the asteroid at same velocity. Finally, the ship must have enough energy and propellant to push a massive space object away from a trajectory of imminent collision with our planet. It is not a 100% promise from Blue Energy, but we believe our technology is by far the best because we try to replace mass ejection propulsion with buoyancy (or anti-gravity) propulsion solution. How will Blue Energy lead the world in achieving such an essential insurance? Please spend your time to browse around our website.

Will you support Blue Energy to defend our holy environment from Armageddon events? The reality is, humanity is fighting a war against potential threat of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), which is the result of excessive energy consumption especially the dominant fuel source - fossil energy. There are many people don't think such effort worthwhile. As far as they concern, the cost to embrace renewable and clean energy are still too expansive comparing with fossil energy. Why does this problem exist? What is the link between AGW and asteroid impacting Earth suddenly? Blue Energy Australia's research has found the close link of both threats toward a single issue humanity must address urgently, otherwise, Armageddon will happen.

The weakest link in human civilization

The weakest link in our civilization is thermal engine design, which is a category of mechanical device converting heat energy into many other forms of energy. As a matter of fact, we have failed to design all the thermal engines at high energy efficiency. Because our engines are so wasteful of energy, we consume way too much energy than we need.

For example, instead of 100 km per liter fuel economy, our car engines only achieve 8 to 15 km per liter if the engines are internal combustion engine. For better understanding our claim, which sounds crazy, is to carefully digest our presentation video on engine design. Likewise, we are trying to establish renewable energy projects such as solar wind farms in huge centralized projects, which will be integrated by electricity grid. In our electricity video presentation, we demonstrate the breakdown of electricity business in its true energy per kWh based on original energy source. The whole electricity grid business is a failure from its beginning because the engines that convert dominated energy source - thermal fuel such as coal, are steam turbines. Steam turbines, like jet aircraft turbines, are inefficient. Unless you believe 30% to 50% is good enough. Centralized electricity grid is inflexible. It requires constant upgrade, which in return becomes the excuse of profiteering by the utility companies. So when you integrate intermittent energy source with highly fluctuated demand/supply energy network, it is going to have problem. Somehow, we have seen energy storage concept such as molten salt heat sink as way to fix the problem. They use heat as energy storage, with steam turbines to supply "stored" energy to feed the grid with at least 10% of further energy lost in transmission. God save us! How much energy lost due to heat radiation lost? How much energy lost in steam turbines? Even with such obvious outcome, it is worshiped by many green institutions as the future.

We are fighting a war with the weapons that fail us in the first place. Don't wish to win a war of much serious consequence. If an asteroid is about to hit the earth, this will be the ultimate challenge on our engine. WE WILL FAIL. HUMAN SPECIE WILL BECOME THE NEXT DINOSAUR ONE DAY. Unless we improve our global energy efficiency to very high level regardless our economy advance.

If all the engines are using Blue Energy Thermal Engine, the total global energy consumption will be less than 50% of what we are right now. In this website, we have enough evident, as we hope, to convince people that engine performance is a serious issue. BETE will be the best one for the future, because it is designed according to the law of physics and the knowledge of proper engineering. The future car engines, ship engines, aircraft engines, electricity generation engines, space launch engines can all use this engine. bad engine designs

We want to make our journey interactive and interesting. We will work on many projects that are for particular purposes, as long as we can raise our working capital. For example, we want to challenge car makers with our engine. Our goal is to have a typical passenger sedan retrofitted with our engine and achieves fuel economy of 50 Km/L to 100 Km/L of petrol.

Our goal is more than the fuel economy performance, we want to build the car hybrid function. If the car is in its owner's garage, the engine will provide electricity, which will cost the owner as low as a few cents per KWh. More over, Blue Energy will build engine to run on solid fuel, so the car owner will not pay fuel excise tax! All the emission will be used for energy storage in the energy system invested by people and business, so ZERO emission will be the goal for this prototype.


In another challenge, we will build a man-powered VTOL, which uses Buoyancy propulsion, not by propeller similar to helicopter. It will be able to have long operation of cruise by a athletic pilot after vertical taking-off. Our calculation is beyond crazy. We believe there is a chance this VTOL can break the sound barrier when this athlete "engine" gives it a sprint dash. Even to make it VTOL with "Buoyancy" propulsion will put a huge question mark on the value of on expensive program, such as F35. When that happens, many F35 joint partners will see the investment they have made so far needs reconsideration. With a fraction of Apollo mission expenditure, we think a regular Lunar tourists industry is a few years away.


Blue Energy is about efficiency.

We will try to use one thermal engine to replace other thermal engines. We do so because our engine is a lot more efficient. We believe engine efficiency will decide how human civilization evolving. In order to understand what that means, we build following 3D model to represent a world of Blue Energy. Within this pyramid structure, energy is the center joint links four basic components: people, institutions, mediums and infrastructures. People in here refers to everyone living in human society. Institutions can be any business or organization, or entities which depend on energy. Mediums in here is the basic element after energy is consumed. Infrastructure is the architecture, the tools, the technologies, the services provide roles to harvest, to store and to deliver energy and medium. Energy, by its own meaning, is the source our civilization must depend on. In this star system, we find nothing more reliable than the Sun. Blue Energy innovation focuses on Solar energy, a source of infinity energy (almost) that can sustain a healthy cycles of energy transformation. In this Blue Energy pyramid, the aim is to channel energy flow through out four elements. Energy flow process must be efficient in every arbitrary loop. For example, the best way to carry energy is to use medium to have high energy density storage. Fossil fuel without doubt is high density energy. Though the excessive dependent on fossil energy create net carbon dioxide emission into the environment. The long-term CO2 build-up in our atmosphere and ocean will be harmful and unsustainable. The cost to find and explore fossil fuel also adds to our living cost. With so much solar energy we can access, it is quite obvious that we must make the transition as fast as we can. This required energy storage solutions. To make similar energy storage as fossil fuel, we can avoid the threat of AGW. But the catch is you must also be efficient to create carbohydrate fuel. One alternative solution is to let mother nature doing the work, which is photosynthesis. But fuel collection would be commercially unprofitable. Blue Energy wants to mobilize people's power with the goal of self-sustained, which must have engine performance improved. We hope to use our engine advantage and digital technologies such as internet and smart phones to create mass fuel harvesting business in global scale. Many low income earner in this world are happy to make US$10 per day. That is about 100 Kg of dry mass by coal mining business standard. The transportation in this pyramid is the infrastructure component, which is VTOL. VTOL will help deliver the fuel around the world. With the fuel source being renewable, we avoid net emission problem while create jobs and opportunities. There are other infrastructure of energy business need medium to store energy. For example, Ocean is the best place to harvest wind energy. That requires our investment. Wind energy must be stored. Wind harvesting must also be mobile and flexible to chase the wind. So it is not necessary to let go carbon dioxide in the pyramid. It will be used as long as the system has demand for it. There can be many such arbitrary loops in the whole pyramid structure. As the system being built, and the human society evolve, there is alway balance of energy flow through every element, we don't create imbalance such as excessive carbon dioxide emission.

Blue Energy Pyramid

Blue Energy is the innovations that will change the world. It will not just change the technology, we hope to change the way we consume energy without damaging our precious living environment. Our world, once fully embraces Blue Energy innovations and philosophies, it will be a new era.


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