100 KM Per Litre


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100 KM Per Litre
Description Of The Project

Holden has reportedly asked the federal and state governments to double its financial help in building its next generation Holden Commodore and Holden Cruze here, otherwise it will close its local manufacturing operations in 2016. It workers in Adelaide have voted by a clear majority to accept a wages freeze and new conditions, in a bid to keep the company manufacturing in Australia. According the Age reports.

It is estimated that global new passenger cars production in 2013 is about 87 million units. It is impossible to persuade car makers to shift to an untested engine technology until proven advantages and performance are presented. Blue Energy Australia would like to research into this project, which we will retrofit BETE into an existing Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon used vehicle.

Project aims to achieve following potential car performances:

  • BETE designed with top engine output of 100 Kw. Engine combined output from thermal energy and electrical energy.
  • Fuel type Any type of petrol only using external combustion solution with potential fitting of solid fuel combustion
  • Battery 20 kg for energy supply and storage
  • Compressed air at 200 bars and room temperature for energy supply and storage
  • 10 Litres of water tank, maximum 2000C for fast energy supply and storage
  • Prefer older version of GM Holden Commodore or similar scale of passenger vehicle
  • Energy harvesting and storage combined heat, compressed air and battery
  • CO2 capture method is based on cryogenic cooling whereas storage size is 40 litres thermal insulated container (up to 1000 km range)
  • Electronic control system design and testing

It is not a low cost project. Our priority is in engine-generator R&D first. This first step will give good understanding of BETE performance at a relatively simple environment. Unless we receive enough fund to back up this initiative, we see this project as medium term venture.

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