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Naresh Davra
Naresh Davra Blockchain and IT expert
Blockchain and IT expert
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David Huang
David HuangBlue Energy Science Technology founder
Blue Energy Science Technology founder
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The NEED is the Negative Emission Energy griD

Net zero emission has become a hot topic around the world lately. What if we move towards a much ambitious target, which is called the negative emission?

What is the BEST's vision to mitigate emission problem?

Recently, emission neutrality has become a new trend for many countries as well as small to big corporations who pledge to take action on climate change. After 250 years since the industrial revolution, our planet CO2 concentration has increased from 280 ppm to 365 ppm in 1998 (1). In 2020 this number was 412.5 ppm according to calculation from measurements collected at NOAA’s remote sampling locations (2).

Can neutral emission save the world from catastrophic no return point? Should we do more? At the moment, the technologies in energy consumption offer no real deal to change this trajectory, i.e., the big energy waste technologies are still used. The investment on EV, battery storage, pump hydro energy storage etc., are simply too expensive, and not able to be scaled down to individual household or business without the subsidy from the government.

CO2 is the ingredient for energy cycle on Earth. We need CO2 as the ingredient to make hydrocarbon which is the fuel. Making basic hydrocarbon product, the CH4 is well known by chemistry. If we replace all the fossil fuel with synthetically made hydrocarbon, we need a lot of CO2. The investment for such an energy grid in global scale is huge. We actually need billions of tons of CO2 each year if this is already done. 

So what is the negative emission energy grid (NEED). The NEED is an energy grid when energy is consumed, it has negative impact of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. The forest itself is a NEED system. If we harvest fuel out of the forest, after we consume the fuel, CO2 is captured and released into the NEED for future hydrocarbon production, we have achieved negative emission energy consumption.

When CO2 in the NEED exceed the demand for energy storage, it will be dumped outside the earth atmosphere.
The Infographic of the NEED

The Infographic of the NEED

The NEED does not discriminate against any energy. As long as the energy consumption does not cause increased CO2 in the Earth atmosphere. If the energy comes from a source which already has the CO2 reduction in the atmosphere, the users can release it back to the air because the result is neutral. For fossil fuel, it can not be released into the atmosphere. When ALL the CO2 is dumped into space, fossil fuel achieves neutral emission. Renewable biofuel will reduce the CO2 concentration which is negative emission.

Technologies and underlined theories

BETE and BEBE are designed for different tasks in a VTOL vehicle for the future. BETE is a great machine to handle heat energy when gaseous material is compressed or expands. BEBE has the ability to modulate propellant energy which makes it as the warp engine.

BETE is the engine that can handle the heat energy according to the physics of gas expansion and compression, which are defined as non-linear force. With the leverage system incorporated by BETE, non linear force will be converted into constant force.

BETE alone could reduce energy consumption by more than 50%globally. BETE could achieve fuel efficiency close to theoretical limit of Km/L.

BETE is also a good energy storage unit. So people can rely on BETE to store solar energy in the form of liquid air instead of using battery. What is the great advantage of liquid air? You can use it for AC. So the hot air in your room will vaporise the liquid air to become freezing cold. You can enjoy the cold air right away.

With solid fuel, BETE can work effectively as an engine. You don't have to buy liquid fuel, which save the envrionment and your hard earned cash.

Moreover, when BETE and BEBE are combined, we can create the advanced 3D transport system with the VTOL approach. The saving of such transport system is huge. We might not build roads, bridges, ports, railway, airports etc. It has huge impact on the emission target. People and business will spend far less time and money in travel. For example, when all the intercontinental travels, good deliver are at the orbital cruise, the energy consumption is zero. According to the Air Transport Action Group, aviation emission is about 2% of the total annual emission of human energy consumption. * 

To harvest fuel in the forest will be the great business to employ millions of labour around the world. CO2 can be used for fuel production, which is the new business for existing fossil fuel companies.

When fossil fuel is produced, mothe nature takes the hard work of energy storage. When we take over this task, we need efficiency. BETE has the high efficiency that will make the job profitable.

For more information on BETE, please read this article.
BEBE is in fact a warp engine. That is the short answer. But in reality, a lot of engineering solutions are impletmented in order to achieve this scaled down warp effect. There is no sci-fi movie like ZOOM to accelerate a space ship to the SOL or faster. The warp effect is in molecular level, i.e., the propellant molecures will be subject to g force equals to a million time more stronger than the gravitational force on a neutron star. That is enough to create massive momentum change for a vehicle which has much larger mass than the propellant. Adding to this amazing potential, BEBE will not eject mass like a rocket engine. Propellant will be trapped by the warp field for eternal period until the energy to sustain the warp field exhausted. This is something Blue Energy Science Technology has to run the laboratory test to find out.

In the early stage of the NEED operation, CO2 is an ingredient to store energy, which adds some value by the NEED system. When the CO2 in the NEED system meets the energy storage demand, excessive CO2 will be dumped out of the Earth atmosphere. At that stage CO2 is unwanted material which will cost energy users for the dumping. CO2 will be solidified as dry ice. It will be transported by massive cargo containers and lifted into the space and dumped. Such operation should be paid for by the NEED users. 

In the Venus terraforming, such active dumping by Venus colonies will last for centuries.

More information

What makes Blue Energy Science Technology stands out in NEED?

It is the energy efficiency that makes the fundamental breakthrough.

The NEED is not like a conventional fossil energy grid. It has an important process called the energy storage. Energy storage requires chemical reaction to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen will react with CO2 to make methane. Oxygen will be used in the combustion phase. So enegy in the NEED is a closed cycle. Each step in this energy cycle is endothermic until fuel is consumed.

Renewable energy business will firstly store energy by liquifying air. CO2 will then separated. CO2 will be used for fuel production. Initially CO2 from the air is not enough for energy storage until the NEED operates to certain period of time.

CO2 sequestration needs cryogenic temperature. As part of BETE ability, after fuel is consumed, CO2 will be harvested for the next energy storage. When there is excessive CO2 in the NEED system, it will be dumped in the space. This will keep the NEED system carbon negative.

BETE will use any fuel. Even fossil fuel is allowed as long as negative emission and energy storage are both satisfied. Renewable energy business such as wind or solar can decouple its business from the energy consumption once they can store energy and produce carbohydrate products.

With BEBE, we can build geostationary space energy hubs which can havest solar energy above any part of the Earth. Water and CO2 will be sent into the energy hubs in the space. Fuel will be send back for all sorts of energy consumption. Obviously this might be the best solution to meet the energy need in Martian colonies.

People looking for jobs in the NEED can go to the forest to havest fuel. Renewable fuel from the environment will normally biodegraded or burn in forest fire. With people actively take fuel out of the forest, they are employed. The forest will not have large forest fire due to fuel reduction and BEBE VTOL fire fighting methods.

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