The technologies and innovations developed by Blue Energy Science Technology.
Blue Energy Thermal Engine


Blue Energy Thermal Engine (BETE) is the first kind of heat engine that relies on a lever instead of a crankshaft to convert reciprocating motion into rotary motion.  With this innovation, a cylinder's curved thermal energy expansion/compression force becomes a constant output force.

BETE can be used in transport, preferably with Blue Energy Buoyancy Engine. BETE is a great energy storage device. Electricity generation can increase its efficiency and reduce its CO2 emission if BETE is the engine. Industrial, domestic and military applications can benefit significantly from this innovation.

BETE has a patent grant in Russian Federation. For the benefit of humanity, BETE is an essential platform to help global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions tasks and transition energy security.

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Potentially the first breakthrough of WARP engine which complies with general scientific theories and is built with matured engineering ability of human beings. BEBE is a disruptive invention in both civil and military applications.
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Blue Energy Science Technology vertical axis wind turbine is a simple and practical wind energy innovation that can be used in urban and non-urban environment. Combined with BETE, wind energy can be stored and dispatched on demand.
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Message Over Blockchain is Blue Energy Science Technology's open-source project to utilise any blockchain network to deliver opened or encrypted messages. MOB will be BEST language for its future infrastructure and busienss development.
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Forced Vapor Air Conditioner

FVAC is an air conditioning innovation which utilises water as the coolant to extract heat from the air and dissipate the heat for its users. It will be very energy efficent and envrionment neutral.

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