Blue Energy compatible

Blue Energy compatible

In computer, compatibility means using software designed for particular make or type. But over the decades, especially with transition from PC to the mobile devices, we have seen this earlier issues pretty much solved The subject of Blue Energy compatible on transport infrastructure has yet come to the real impact because everything is still on the drawing board.

How and what you see today may or may not be the same in the future. When cars can fly, and being VTOL, how do you justify airport, toll road, and expensive urban living. Will super market giants who rip off suppliers and customers lost a battle to a decentralized goods and service market force? How those people working as couriers deliver drivers keep their job, if flying robots take over the role of goods delivery? It will be an ultimate disruption to the order of human civilization, which is good news for many people. I am a big fan of Avatar. When you have a ikran, your living will not be constrained by the two dimensional transport system. I would not pay expensive rent in a inner Sydney suburb, as if I am living a cage for pigeons. I would enjoy the space of real OZ countryside, with the help of "ikran" when I have to go to work in the busy city, of which at my destination, I will tell my "ikran": Go home! When I finish my work, I will send out my command, with the help of my smartphone, to my "ikran": come and pick me up in 30 minutes. When that happens, Uber will be out of action, plus taxi, buses, trains, highway, motor way, toll, traffic jam. Actually, when every car markers rush to the next big thing - driver-less car, they haven't seen how easy it is to have a pilot-less flying car. The sky has no limit. When everyone wants a "ikran", they don't have to learn how to control these beast. We still need rules to elevate this new transport system, as if how traffic goes in 2 dimensional system. Traffic control center will tell every "ikran" the best routes in virtual traffic channels, which is impossible for any human being to know. That "ikran" will be our flying car.

Will there be real freedom when cars can fly? That is all depending on our buoyancy engine. Future flying cars with BETE will be like those seen in Star trek, Start War, etc.

We have seen ghost cities in China while many people in China can't afford living in major cities where house price is sky high. Flying cars could resuscitate these cities' future. China is in hyperinflation in property market. Some major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai are too expensive for average income family to buy. Young people must mobilize whole family to be able to buy a property even far away from central city. Even though Chinese cities invest heavily into fast transport system for private cars, and high density capacity solutions such as underground railway, trams, transit buses, fast trains, the need to have personalized super fast travel solutions such as flying cars based on VTOL offers superior business opportunity and social benefit in countries like China. The government should give priority to such alternative because it will bridge the need of cheap accommodation while satisfy the fact that Chinese dynamic social structure of living and working. In a way, it will put a release valve in property price hike. When people suddenly have the freedom to buy cheap housing in far away from major cities, which only takes travel time to less than 30 minutes when travel at speed of 500 km/h without a single traffic light, landing in your own backyard or your office doorway, this is a huge incentive to divert ever increasing pressure of major city. Likely it also help business to decentralize from major cities.

The compatible infrastructure to embrace flying cars domination is vital and important. We will still have the challenge when everyone coming to CBD from many places in peak period. To arrange landings of hundred of thousand vehicles in a CBD suburb can be a headache. Business and authority have to think forward. If flying cars are all VTOL, then the landing sites don't have to be in one dimensional, i.e., you can create high rise building with many floors of flying car entry. The system must be able to identify passengers. Who he/she is, where he/she has the permit to land. In the future, a corporate staff doesn't have to go through the main gate. Instead, the VTOL will land in the authorized floor which the employee has the permit to go straight to the company he/she works. Likewise, parcel delivery doesn't need a human being to handle. Everything will be wireless controlled. Communication between good sender and receiver is peer to peer, with the flying robots working as middle "men". It is a high priority to enforce security protocol to prevent things we don't want to see from happening. The plus side is that system can build up a large database, and personal profiling to mitigate security breaching. When someone might be suspicious, because the passenger will be all the way by himself, his travel path will be a secure route that no one will be hurt anyhow. Future flying cars must be autopilot all the time, or very limited free manoeuvre in virtual traffic channels. Otherwise, how easy it is for the criminal to get into shopping centre, or a penthouse of millionaire to steal?

The problem with existing cities is that all the infrastructure doesn't have such consideration. No building considers aircraft landing in the middle of high-rises, except a few buildings allow helicopters landing on top. Why, because we don't have such technology yet.

Also how do you cope with extreme weather condition such as thunderstorm and strong wind? That might have solutions in designing the flying vehicles extremely built and tested with agile control system from mechanical to electronic. Our view in extreme weather is that the weather itself is a sign of energy can be harvested. So the grand scale of high end Blue Energy society can be dynamic geoengineering toward mitigate extreme weather conditions. When such condition is formed, active energy harvesting system can create defence network aiming both reducing extreme weather and harvesting energy. As an example, when a storm is about to form in ocean, harvest wind energy with a fleet of giant wind sails will effectively reduce the energy within a typhoon. Of course, we don't want to completely make typhoon, hurricane, disappear. They have their special need to bring in water for the inland. The record in global climate information point to the fact that human activity has intensify such nature phenomenon to a hazardous level. To actively engage such energy source for cultivation of energy, without the side effect of otherwise unknown is equally important.

When flying cars become a reality, there will be no jobs for cabbies, no jobs for airline pilots, no jobs for courier delivery, no jobs for pizza and takeaway motorbike drivers. Sorry. All the manpower will be taken over by computers, wireless communication, apps and robotic elements.

Anyhow, we will need police. They will not issue speeding fine, or carry out random breath test for drink driving because there will be no such thing call speeding in the future. You can drink as much as you can, without thinking the plan B to go home. Your flying car, or "ikran", will be ready for your order, whenever you need.

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