Message to PM Scott Morrison

Message to PM Scott Morrison

As has been done before, Blue Energy Science Technology founder David sent a message to the current Australian Prime Minister, MR. Scott Morrison a message through the PM's official website. Below is what was said.

Dear Prime Minister.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate your recent work to lead this country to the CO2 Emission Neutrality (CEN) before the year 2050. I remember that the action on climate change would use the term Zero Emission more than ten years ago. I like CEN more than ZM because CEN has the dynamic element while ZM doesn't. As we know, CO2 is an important element in the energy cycle. It is hard to imagine a world without carbon. We don't have to worry about emissions because we will not exist in this world.

I have been trying to get help from the government since 2007 when Mr Rudd held office as the prime minister. This week I have revamped my business website, which is There is a countdown module for the mission to break the Speed Of Light (SOL) on the homepage. While the scientific study points out that SOL is the ultimate barrier of velocity for this universe, it is not complete yet ruled out by the people who love the challenge of finding a way to go beyond this limit. I believe I have found the solution. I am building my first engine prototype, which is essential for the mission. It is called the Blue Energy Buoyancy Engine (BETE). It is real. It can be built. I will try to build one with my own money. But I hope that you will help me. When you announced the plan to send a rover to the moon with NASA's rocket at the cost of AU$50 million in 2026, why couldn't this country spare some money for my invention? Its success will be a great showcase for Australian innovations. I believe with a little bit of help; I can send a cheap VTOL from the front yard of the Federal Parliament House to the Moon in a few hours. It will pick up a big Moon Rock and return to the front yard in another few hours. This mission will be powered by solar energy.

The world has been wasting energy since the inception of the industrial revolution. We know how this revolution began. It was due to the invention of the steam engine. Our problem is caused by this mechanical device which is now the backbone of many applications. We shouldn't ban them. We need to find the real problems and make the full benefit of this innovation.

I designed my new website to tell people what has caused the emission problems. And I want to tell people that a better world is ahead of us if people want to help me. As you might see, my Blue Energy Thermal Engine (BETE) only has the Russian Federation patent. BETE has no other patent granted, including Australia. I struggled to find funding in the litigation with the patent examiners who didn't understand the invention. I had to give up the patent application in the EU, Japan, China, the US, and Australia. Getting a patent is expensive. If the world doesn't fully understand the emission problem, the consequence of not doing it right will be catastrophic. We will waste more money to achieve CEN. In my personal view, we will fail if the world doesn’t commercialise BETE ASAP. The Law of Thermodynamics is the LAW we must follow. We must follow this LAW efficiently. Inefficient solutions will pay the penalty. That penalty can be anything. Can I ask you if an asteroid of 10 km in diameter will hit Australia in seven days? What can you do to avoid that? Don’t ask NASA. You might pray for a miracle from God. It would help if you asked me. Armageddon events like asteroid impacts will happen in the future. I hope I will build this defence system before I die. If we can build this defence system, it is the key to opening the gate for the future. It is the elevator to promote our civilisation as capable of interstellar travel. Making the world CEN by then is effortless by default.

With the BETE invention, a massive margin can reduce emissions. If BETE is used in every household, we can predict the end of the electricity grid. Also, liquid fuel would highly likely be out of business. I commented on Facebook recently on the topic of sustainability:

"Clint Jorgenson Sustainability has another word: efficiency. If you don’t like sustainability, how about efficiency? As an investor, I can give a lot of good outcomes if I have efficiency. Your car might only go 10 to 20 km/litre of fuel. In theory, your car should go as much as 200+ km/L. How so? This is based on calculating air drag and rolling friction on a moving car. When your car has so much potential, you have to determine what has caused it. For your benefit of sustainability (efficiency) of money, you can avoid paying for fuel if your car can use solid fuel instead of fossil fuel. Why? If you go past a forest, how much fuel can you collect? A lot. Most of them will bio-degrade or burn in a forest fire. Why can’t we use these natural and free fuels instead of expensive liquid fossil fuels? Because your car engine isn’t designed for it. When your car is parked in your garage, why can’t you use the car engine to generate electricity instead of buying electricity from the grid? Of course, you can. There are a few hurdles to overcome. This is the efficiency of your car engine. And also your willingness to embrace the innovations which focus on efficiency or sustainability....".

The technology you hope will drive your CEN plan is here in Australia. I don't want to say that I have the best. But I think my inventions and projects will help the world out of this stalemate. I don't expect the green light for me to access funding. I know how hard it is to get government funding. I have tried to communicate with every PM since Mr Rudd. I have sent letters to President Obama, the Prince of Wales in the UK, Mr Bill Gates, Mr Andrew Forrest...etc. for help. Unfortunately, no leaders or entrepreneurs have helped me to raise a penny.

Can you ask the top scientists in this country to have a look at my claims? Especially when we need to address the issues with engines? If they confirm my claims, you could use my information to set off a bomb in the COP meeting. The world doesn’t know the real problems.

I will try to raise money from the public with a few space exploration projects. People love space travel. They pay top dollars if they can afford the rocket-based technology. I think I have the technology to make it cheaper to go to the moon than to Europe in an economy class flight. My first space project first will be the Moon Rocks Mining project. If such a project is successful, I think investors will beg me to accept their investment.

I hope you will be the person to announce the countdown for the first moon rock mining vehicle launch. I hope the Federal government will invest in the project. There is no better way to tell the world that you have the best plan to achieve CEN. Thank you.

Best regards

David Huang

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