Na'vi's riding banshees across Pandora can be seen in one of the shots. Pic: Avatar 2. Pic: Disney/ 20th Century Fox
Commune of Pandor

Commune of Pandor

Commune of Pandora

Commune of Pandora is a social experiment.

To celebrate the launch of Message Over Blockchain (MOB), Blue Energy Science Technology would like to invite talented music composers and the elite professional/amerture writers around the world to rewrite the lyrics of L’internationale.

"The Internationale" (French: "L'Internationale") is a left-wing anthem. It has been a standard of the socialist movement since the late nineteenth century, when the Second International adopted it as its official anthem. The title arises from the "First International", an alliance of workers which held a congress in 1864. The author of the anthem's lyrics, Eugène Pottier, an anarchist, attended this congress. In turn, the song was later set to an original melody composed by Pierre De Geyter, a Marxist. (Wikipedia)

Putting aside the history of fighting in between the communists and capitalists, which is not yet done and dust, there are still many common goals and challenges of human society. Globalisation will not stop. It is part of international movement in business as well as social living. We are now linked by internet and many other communication solutions. The standard of living in many countries is well beyond what was like in the 17, 18, 19 even 20 centuries. Science and technologies will keep on improving our standard of living. Innovation and social reform create prosperity and jobs. On the other hand we have seen traditional manufacturing and service industry lossing jobs. The 17 to 20 centuries world which communists warriors wanted to destroy and replace with their ideologically driven value and order has been evolving. New generation of bourgeoisie is richer and bigger than ever before. There are entrepreneurs backed their investors whe have simple goal: making money. Human beings are greedy and innovative.

Our exploitation of cheap labour can only go as far as the law and moral allow. When such a balance tilts, the entrepreneurs and the business move to outsourcing, automation, AI, casual work, freelancer, cloud computing and big data. It is not just the low skill labor around the world who is in danger of being jobless, the highly educated and skilled workers find it is harder to get a secured and long term job because of these innovations and changes. Our planet is big, but not big enough to support eternal growth of population, of which the business sees as the simple way to grow their business. Cast our vision to the solar system, the nearby stars, our Milky Way and the entire universe, we are insignificant. How can we evolve into an interplanetary civilisation, even an interstellar race? It is a question we need to find the answers.

When our children finally spread into the infinite world, this song might be the one they can sing on each planet they set up their colonies. When we live in the space, we can't draw the line to define the countries. We might be better off to make Mars as a planet for everyone to share instead of claimed land as private property.

MOB is an information delivery system using blockchain. Decentralisation was the key when Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin. Bitcoin was a social and financial experiment in response to the 2008 GFC. GFC proved that the cycles of boom and bust are the result of unsustainable pursue of profit. Governments around the world rescue their nations out of financial crisis seems to be no where better than they did in the past. Who to blame? Shall the WWIII be the next crisis we face? Covid-19 has put the whole world into chaos. The technologies we depend on for daily and fast travel, the high density of urban living are all under stress test by mother nature. We can evolve and innovate to cope at a heavier cost. Many have lost their loved ones. Many small, medium to large businesses collapse in this stress test. We are not invincible.


What is a commune of Pandora? It is DEFINED. It is not an Utopia. Many countries on Earth are more or less fit in the definition of COP.

Commune of Pandora might not be fully run in a well occupied planet such as The Earth. BEST will have experimental projects, with participants picked when conditions are met. As we prepare to go build human habitates beyond the Earth, Commune of Pandora might be a choice in a colony that has no jurisdition of a "country". Below is what the democracy system might constitute and practiced in a Commune of Pandora.
  • Land or space bases that endorse democracy.
  • The democracy is a dynamic governence system
  • Trustless and secured virtual operation with AI
  • It is a direct democracy
Commune of Panora opens a world which incentivise those work hard and smart. However it will look after those in a disvantaged position.
"Equality is giving everyone the same pair of shoes.Equity is giving everyone a pair of shoes that fits." — Author unknown
A member of Pandora enjoys the freedom of living in the land that endorses the spirite of COP. Such freedom is further enhanced by the infrastructure and service a land of COP might offer:
  • The ability to take the autonomous airborne transit service to the destination of your choice.
  • Unconstrained access of information.
  • Expression of personal views.
  • Practice of religion.
  • Receiving basic education.
  • Affordable personal space of accomondation.

COP is not a country. Unless an existing country on Earth pledges its sovereignty as the land of COP, independent of COP refers to the way of living. For example, to access essential goods, foods, services, information, to express personal views, to practice religion, to  vote on community issues. Such rights will be free from the censorship or veto by a centralised governing body. A COP land can offer certain protection on private property and rights if such land doesn't belong to a sovereign state.

The commercialisation of certain innovations by BEST might put the status of national sovereignty, especially the air space, in serious challenge. Certain military weapons will lose their value. No doubt, anything that is critical for "national security" will be the priority of spending.

Neutral in a COP means a few things. 
  • A liftstyle that is neutral impact to the environment, COP members and the system
  • A self governing system that doesn't interfere with members' choice
  • A COP land obey the laws and orders of the sovereign state of which such a community blongs to
Environment protection in COP focus on efficient and practical steps which must be sustainable, affordable and ethical.
What is decentralisation in COP?

Expansion of habitate

Embrace the BEST future
Commune of Pandora!

In a new world where you can totally self sustained, enjoy uncompromised lifestyle, not to be burdened by the cost of living, restrained by the physical border of countries. Commune of Pandora, a decentralised community governed by the AI democracy 3.0. Planet Earth will not be the only place you can call HOME. 

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