Planet Impact Asteroid Deflection

Planet Impact Asteroid Deflection

No much I can do, NASA said

"Pray if Armageddon is about to happen". Yes, Pray, this was the advice from Charles Bolden, the NASA chief, who told lawmakers at an US House of Representatives Science Committee hearing on March, 19th, 2013 on the issue if a potential killer asteroid is about to impact our planet. Basically, in Mr. Bolden's view, so far there is no technology can stop such events from happening.

BEST way

This is NOT an advise we are happy to accept. In 21st century, human civilization can do more than just pray. At least, this is the view of Blue Energy Science Technology. To build a robust defence system against asteroid impact is part of BEST's plan. This website, while the main objective is to show the world how to prevent anthropogenic global warming with highly energy efficient thermal engine, our near term plan is to comprehensively change the way to explore the space. This endeavour will help us to build a defence system against potential asteroid impact threat ASAP. In order to avoid a short notice incoming asteroid impacting our planet, we must have brand new technologies in space launch and travel. The space ship on such mission must be super fast to intercept and land on the asteroid. This task requires the spacecraft must have the capacity to quickly slow it down before moving along the asteroid at same velocity. Finally, the ship must have enough energy and propellant to push a massive space object away from a trajectory of future collision with our planet. It is not a 100% promise from Blue Energy, but we believe our technology is by far the BEST because we try to replace mass ejection propulsion with buoyancy (or anti-gravity) propulsion solution. How will Blue Energy Science Technology lead the world in achieving such an essential insurance? Please spend your time in our website.

Will you support Blue Energy to defend our holy environment from Armageddon events? The reality is, humanity is fighting a war against potential threat of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), which is the result of excessive energy consumption especially the dominant fuel source - fossil energy. There are many people don't think such effort worthwhile. As far as they believe, the cost to embrace renewable and clean energy is still too expensive in comparison with fossil energy. Why does this problem exist? What is the link in between the AGW and an asteroid impacting Earth suddenly? Blue Energy Science Technology has done its research. The result pinpoints the close link of both threats toward a single issue humanity must address urgently. This issue is energy efficiency. If we don't fix this problem, Armageddon will happen.

How things will be done

  • Blue Energy Thermal Engine: This is the machine to convert heat energy into mechanical or electrical energy.
  • Blue Energy Buoyancy Engine: This is the machine to massively improve the efficiency of material used in propulsion. It is in fact a WARP engine.
  • External energy source (Solar) when missions are within the Martian orbit: The most challenging asteriod impact is coming from the back of the Sun. However, the Sun is the ideal heat source of energy any space mission can utilise.
  • Nuclear power for interstellar missions:
  • From the launch to the touchdown VTOL spacecrafts: 
To avoid being impacted by a massive asteroid, rocket engine is not capable of changing the asteroid trojectory regardless what kind of attempts you try. The mass of the asteroid needs much powerful moment of energy to change its vector of speed.

With BEST solutions, the speed to intercept the asteroid is very quick. 

  1. A warp effect is created on the propellant which gains constant acceleration a. This acceleratoin rate is at 10 to the 20th of power or even higher. This is the main reason that the spacecraft can accelerate at such stagering rate for a long period.
  2. With 10g or higher acceleration and deceleration, the space craft will reeach the asteroid long before it impacts the Earth.
  3. With enough time, the overall acceleration of the asteroid should make enough change of its trajectory to avoid impacting the Earth.

Looking for a brighter picture

When we have technologies to deflect a massive asteroid in space, our civilisation is advanced to a level which allows the space mining operation. Each asteroid will be an asset for space business to claim and explore.

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