Ultimate freedom

Ultimate freedom

1. The new techno-sphere (SCI-FI Civilization):

The Realization as it occurs is a paradigm of excellence intervening between man and machine where once vehicles or cars were the only means of transportation for travel. On land, they are called cars. In the blue sky, they are referred as planes.

Then as it happens, commonplace and virtual has been born and has been accepted as the stalemate to cars. The technology has arrived and can be afforded to anyone who has the need to follow the trend! The future has capitalized on the technologically advanced world that it has became since the innovation of flying vehicles.

It is now knocking our doors. Many people want flight vehicles, even when cars were still in the infancy. They are about to be readily available in many styles, small compact, to mid size, and performance shape sport-rider! The landscape as extreme as it may seem starts off with flight vehicle of ambulances, emergency vehicles, military and law enforcement engaging in fields of special needs. Virtually flight as a way of life for everyone who dares to embrace becomes a seeming-less impact on the societies of the future. Travel as such is so much more dynamic than ever in that, there are the highways and roadways of virtual but reality into the sky. As it will be like, there is no limit in the blue sky.

2. The technological benefit of flying vehicles:

Until air control is worked out in the governmental departments, flying vehicles will be to accommodate the city and state divisions in controlling the travel in the air. After all of the proliferation budgets can be garnished for air flight and the beginning of achievements can be received for all who want to benefit from not having to deal with traffic, congestion, and a timetable. There are many areas that will see the technology as a mainstay for their operations. The highway system will be more-so adapted with computing systems that track each vehicle in real-time. Implementing such a new infrastructure will be very expensive at first, but the benefits would be exceptionally accepted in having vehicles that fly and can be anywhere in far less time, bringing unparalleled efficiency to our world. Many will catch on quickly due to the green way of living, recognizing the decreasing earth resources being used for conventional travel is unsustainable unless we make rapidly change at a fast pace towards better efficiency. Vehicles can fly will take the challenge. They must be safer and highly reliable to use while have less damage on the environment. Society will incline to accept flying vehicle whilst governments around the world also realize how beneficial this can boost the economy. More-so tons of dollars will be saved on resources to prevent pollution on environment! Preventing pollution will be done much easier by initializing the passage into the airways of travel. The Transportation systems will change drastically with less money being spent on conventional highway construction, maintenance and repairs and people taking their daily commute in the virtual sky corridors will no longer deprived their live for many compromises. Investment into such transportation solutions will be able to follow the flying vehicle ventures into many business domains normally regarded as fantasies.

3. A techno-science explanation of flying vehicles:

Following the demographics of the past, most advances of technology in the past were dictated by practical applications of new scientific knowledge. Is it possible for the flying vehicles to span the paradigm beyond other existent technologies, making them more applicable? If so, then the flying vehicle will emerge as the verge of futurism. If the flying vehicle is a predecessor of car, then its market will be destined to be an empire of venture capitalism. The use context of the flying vehicle as exciting as it may seem could help it in its mainstay in society! In our obligation to adhere to flying vehicles we should be aware of the decision that will affect future societies. Flying vehicles can become constituent in our activities as a whole, but that can only be decided by people's moral definitions contrary to such a demanding advancement. Nothing has been seen that come close to this 20th century marvel of virtual flight vehicle. The special use of VTOL has been around since the "Harrier jump jet" used by the Royal air force and its allies. Whereas an alternative "propulsion" technology without jet thrust is explicitly superior using the buoyancy theory to create the master of flight, all of these innovations fixated into one technology deserves supervision until its true essence is captured and undecidedly produced widespread.

4. Flying vehicles and invisible technologies merged:

Moreover the flying vehicles inception is advantageous to society the major impact brought on by its existence has made subsequent advances as well. These technologies are made and their refinements changes the way that we as people do things in our everyday living environments thus changing the spectrum of work being done. There are Globalization and Economic development where emerging trends such as the flying vehicle encourage other innovations in the division of labour and widening of the market. Many areas will have facilitated the use and application of the flying vehicle. Lifestyles will be changed once most labour positions are shifted, drivers, and grocery shopping going to the internet, military use of outdated weaponry will refocus, these are just a few of the implicated environments that will adjust to the change.

Also what about infrastructure and the highway system maybe there will be a need to access sky-rise building at the drop off /pick up level by means of flying transportation. Where the use of bridges and highways has become less common, maintenance on the departments of infrastructure disappears, there becomes the need for more security in thwarting potential threats hostile or terrorist acts this will deserve attention. There will be a downside to the employment of people and opportunity, people finding new employment will not be a problem because with the emergence of new technologies all ways new opportunity.

5. Inherent outcomes in the future of flying vehicles:

Opposite the benefits that may arise from such innovation, there may be such effect that determines how we coexist whether positive or negative, this impact will be burgeoning to the masses in great magnitudes. We all know that humankind exist with pretentious behaviors but we as civilians behave differently so we need to compromise where there is involvement that can mean shifting the existence of ourselves into downward spirals through use of certain technologies. Technology has its role as a tool, it is pertinent to examine the causes for needing technologies to pursue opportunity without side effects of any kind, maybe flying vehicles won't be such a hard decision to make when it comes to transitioning but there will be side-effects. In this explanation we should focus on cultures and societies that are below the consensus of socioeconomic statutes. Making flying vehicles a reality would leave these societies in pre-industrialization stages. These less independent states will have to endure as we continue our functions in ways that they are not able to commit with respect to hindsight their presence would be changed alternatively as we commit to these technologies. Will they feel disregarded as a unit or will there be some fortunate mutual gain they can expect while our lifestyles span the range beyond anything they can hope to imagine. Utilitarian's will come to many assumptions to this compromise, while there are stipulating effects and indirect repercussions that can be of harm to welfare, unless otherwise the utilitarian finds nothing inherently wrong with injustice or inequality as such. To this effect any support provided from external parties into technological advances into flying vehicles without prior intuitive consensus may have a profound effect and thus counteract the emergence of any emerging technology. And the long term social costs would further outweigh any short term benefits the cost benefit and risk benefit analysis aligned with the principle of justice are useful techniques when applied to a small number of options when there is a narrow range of specific objectives.

6. Flying vehicles the cost of change in the techno-sphere:

Acceptance of the flying vehicle will have to contend with introverts, the techno pessimist may not have the same empathy for such advances in technology, and disbelief of the functioning machine in industrialization may be to their discontent while on the other hand for the techno optimist those who believe in "technological fixes" this may be a promising reality. A main reaction to the flying vehicle would begin in areas that it may effect directly infrastructure and the transportation department, it will shift employment and we all will begin to way of the new industrialization the way of the space domain, away from the car for the road making the roadways and highway system a thing of the past unfortunately.

7. How will we adapt, changes to adapt the technology:

In our decision to accept the new technology we at most will be transitioning from our usual characteristics to the modern world. With the invention of this new technology, we will be creating a newer us to parallel the existence of the flying vehicle.

8. Psychological Effects:

Some might be astounded by the actual presence of craft made to fly, this may cause various conditions for some who are afraid of such an endeavor, or even flying. On occasion some may find the flying vehicle too stress full or strenuous on the health and well-being, while others may find the vehicle a hazard because they have not yet adjusted. These are examples in an array of systems that may contemplate having the flying vehicle be manufactured into society! The whole concept of the flying vehicle may seem extreme to many people until they get their first run in one of these crafts. The greatest test to come from the flying vehicles abilities of VTOL and noiseless non-propulsion air flight system monumentally the systems design would be integral to innovation even after its final design. The social involvements entrepreneurship groups will play a huge role in its accessibility on a grand scale.

9. Ethical Implications and Government:

It may be 10-20 years before a decision can be reached that says that the proprietary flying vehicle has been tested and is ready for the public to experience its creation. The question is whether the technology will ethically feasible and worth its weight in gold without stipulation from government. Furthermore, the government will benefit by saving money and decreasing spending, if they shift towards the space corridor ultimately they will tax monetarily from the skies. This engineering marvel will have its share of finger pointing from government before it will be accepted by officials as a compromise to travel. Many will argue its efficiency while being used in society while others will defend and preserve their right to experience the flying vehicle. Their will have to be legislative measures to defend the flying vehicle to protect it from being accused of many offsets in society where it takes its light as a whole. Because technologies are usually intended to meet a particular need to solve a specific problem they often have unintended or side effects. This is something that government will have to be responsible as it is important that we look for innovations that help keep with our aspirations or most humane ideals. Beginning private investors will have the center stage in its proliferation privately, while that may be the case its user base will have the privilege to remain private or become main-stream for all the masses to experience.


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