Na'vi's riding banshees across Pandora can be seen in one of the shots. Pic: Avatar 2. Pic: Disney/ 20th Century Fox

Commune of Pandora Commune of Pandora is a social experiment. To celebrate the launch of Message Over Blockchain (MOB), Blue Energy Science Technology would like to invite talented music composers and the elite professional/amerture writers around the world to rewrite the lyrics of L’internationale. "The Internationale"

Space Missions

That is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. As Nei Armstrong spoke his famous quote, the ime was2:56 UTC, July 21st, 1969. After decades of the Apollo missions, we haven't sent any human beings back to the Moon.

Ultimate freedom

1. The new techno-sphere (SCI-FI Civilization): The Realization as it occurs is a paradigm of excellence intervening between man and machine where once vehicles or cars were the only means of transportation for travel. On land, they are called cars. In the blue sky, they are referred to as planes. Then as it happens, commonplace and virtual

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